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math is meaningfulnasa

Mathematics has always had a profound impact on the development of our society, but this impact is accelerating at an amazing rate. Mathematics has been used in science and engineering for centuries, but today mathematics is also being used to describe human behavior in areas such as economics, advertisement, social networking, and the Internet. Despite the invention of computers and calculators, the need for people who understand numbers and mathematics has never been greater.

Mathematics is a tool of science and the language of technology. But is it is much more: mathematics is a creative force whose equations guide us toward concepts that we could not otherwise discover. For example, many strange phenomena, such as antimatter, black holes, and transistors, were mathematical concepts before they were actually discovered. In this sense, mathematics creates reality.

Today, mathematics permeates the very fabric of our society. It is everywhere. If we study almost anything in enough detail, mathematics begins to appear. Mathematics has a significant purpose in our society; mathematics is meaningful.